What is the deadline?

Entries must be received by 3pm (15h00) Central European Time (GMT +1) on 6 April, 2018.

How do we submit the final entry?

All entries must be submitted online. No entries will be accepted in any other format.

What is the confidentiality policy for the written entries?

Click here to read about the Euro Effies confidentiality policy

How much does it cost to enter?

EACA members
Entry Deadline (6 April) 995.00
All EACA's members and member associations are listed on EACA's website.

Non-EACA members

Non-Profit Submissions

Is there a late entry deadline?

There are two late entry deadlines. Click here to read more.

I do not know if my agency is a member of EACA. How can I find out?

Find out if you are a member of the EACA here. If you are unsure, please contact Kasia Gluszak on kasia.gluszak@eaca.eu.

Does anything need to be signed or approved?

Before you begin to enter the case information, the system will require you to certify that you have approval from your client to enter the competition and that all content is true and accurate.

Are there any important eligibility factors we should be aware of?

The EACA Euro Effies are open to all agencies (whether members of EACA or not) for campaigns which ran in two or more European markets in 2017. A campaign is still eligible to enter if it was launched in 20176 however it must have ran in 2017. Data has to be available for the entire period.

To be considered for a Euro Effie, campaigns must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the choice and use of marketing communications were key to the campaign's success. Any campaigns can be submitted and all disciplines are welcome.

Who can enter?

Entries will be accepted from multinational agency members of the EACA, individual agencies and agencies outside the membership of EACA.

Which category should I enter my case in?

If, even after reading the category descriptions on the Euro Effie Awards website, you are unsure in which category to enter, please email Kasia Gluszak on kasia.gluszak@eaca.eu with a brief description of the campaign you wish to enter followed by your questions.

What is the maximum submission length i.e. word count, number of pages etc?

Campaign Background (250 words)

Objectives (100 words)

Communications Strategy (400 words)

Creative Strategy (500 words)

Evidence of Results (maximum 10 pages)

Is there a required structure for the written entry?

The structure of the written entry is already formulated in the online entry process. There are 4 steps to complete before submitting.

When is the first round judging?

The first round judging will begin on 4 June and will end on 15 June. The first round judging is handled online.

When is the second round judging?

The second round judging will take place over one day in Brussels on 28 June 2018.

When are the finalists announced?

The finalists will be announced at the beginning of July.

When are the winners announced?

The winners will be announced at the Euro Effies Gala Dinner in Brussels on 16 October. The official press announcement will be made the following day.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

For any questions concerning entry procedure (registrations, categories, creative material, evidence of results etc.) please contact:

Kasia Gluszak
Communications & Events Manager
T: +32 2 74 007 14
F: +32 2 74 007 17
E: kasia.gluszak@eaca.eu

Gintare Medisauskaite
Communications & Events Assistant

T: +32 2 740 07 14
F: +32 2 740 07 17
E: gintare.medisauskaite@eaca.eu

For any questions concerning eligibility, payment and late entries, please contact:


European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA)
152 bd. Brand Whitlock
1200 Brussels

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